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Welcome To The “Alien World Mystery” website.

Hello Global Readers,

I am an Investigator of Alien Life & their species. This website is completely based on my personal researches (researches over Ancient Aliens, Mufon Archives, Unsealed Case Files, UFO Sightings, Old News Papers & Many Tv Programs, etc.). This website is a collection of all those Alien Encounter Stories & UFO Sightings (On Earth, Mars & Near The Sun) which are available on different websites. The major difference is, the owner of this website has described all those information in his own & simple language which could be understandable for everyone & you don’t need to search for many websites & scroll many pages. If we say in one sentence, “This website is “All In One”. If you have doubts about the authenticity of any content of this website, you can check on the Internet.

The sole intention to make this website is just to aware of those people who are unknown about the existence of Extraterrestrials on Earth, that our Government & Space Agencies are trying to hide. We need your support. There are a lot of things for you on this website so I hope you will enjoy them. Thanks.

If you want to make a WordPress website, you can mail me on this mail ID:- ancientaliensworld@gmail.com. Thanks.

Country – India.