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Ancient Underground Cities

Ancient Underground Cities are mentioned in the holy books of many ancient civilizations all over the world. One of them is briefly described in Ancient Indian Holy Books that is known as “Shambhala”. Shambhala is a Sanskrit word, which means “place of peace” or “place of silence”. There is another ancient city mentioned in the Ancient Indian Holy books that is known as “Agartha”. Agartha is situated near the city “Shambhala”. These ancient cities are described as the paradise of the earth. “Vishnu Purana”, is one of the most famous ancient Indian Holy Book that speaks in volume about these ancient cities where gods & goddesses used to live in the past.  According to this religious book, these cities are the place of pure and sinless souls. After death, only those human souls are permitted to enter these cities who had never done any sinful activities on earth. These cities are full of peace, happiness & love and there is no place of cruelty there. These cities are also described in many ancient textbooks in different countries in Asia.

The ancient cities Shambhala and Agartha are the cities, situated inside the deep earth. Not only these cities but some other cities are also present inside the earth and one of them known as “Narka” where the demons used to live. According to these holy books, it is very clear that our earth is completely hollow from inside where a small sun rises. There are three ways described in these Ancient Indian Holy Books that reach to these cities. 1) The North Pole, 2) South Pole & 3) Somewhere from the “Kailash Mountain” that is situated in Himalayas, India. China has captured this area forcibly but this place is always of India. In the Indian Holy books, it is clearly said that these cities are situated in the center of the earth and the same thing is said about the “Kailash Mountain” too. It is also said that there is a way somewhere in Kailash Mountain that goes directly to the cities “Shambhala and Agartha”. Indian & Chinese governments tried to find that way but could not be succeeded. Today, scientists have proved that Kailash Mountain is standing at the center of the earth and it is quite hollow too. It may be possible that there is a way inside the Kailash Mountain which goes to these Ancient Cities.

The great mountain “Kailash” is situated in the northern part of India which is the home of the most powerful Indian Gods namely, “Lord Shiva & The Lord Vishnu”. Mount Kailash is the home of Lord Shiva and The Lord Vishnu used to live inside the lake “Mansarowar Or Ksher Sagar” that is present near the Kailash MountainThese cities are pure land where only God Lives, that is why the doors of entrance to these cities, are closed for others. We can go there but after death only not alive. There was only one person who could reach to these cities alive. His name was “Yudhisthir” who was a pure soul and never lied in his entire life here on earth. He had a kind heart and pure soul and he had fought against evils and saved many innocent people. He was really a legend.

I hope you have still remembered the sentence of the “Bible”. “There must be a firmament which differs water from water”. That firmament differs from the outer earth and inner earth. Both places have Oceans and that border differs the oceans for two places. 1. For ourselves (Upper side of the earth) and 2. For inner earth, where Our Gods live. See the top shown image in this Blog.    *** For the ancient mysterious places on earth, visit this link:-