Extraterrestrial Mysteries

Apollo-11 Moon Mission, Aliens On the Moon

16th July 1969, Apollo-11

This was the day of launching “Apollo-11 Spacecraft”. The whole world was watching this event on their televisions. This was the golden day of human history. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were present in this spacecraft. & finally, Apollo-11 launched and successfully reached the surface of the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man who came out from the spacecraft and stepped his foot on the surface of the moon. After some time, his colleague Buzz Aldrin also came out from the Space-Craft and started walking on the moon with Neil Armstrong. NASA scientists were in contact with them and getting all the information. Everybody was listening to their conversation on the radio. After some time, the live feed closed for the general public for two minutes and not only this but  “the 2 minutes of conversation between Neil Armstrong and NASA Scientists was deleted from the voice record’’ or you can say that the two minutes of recording was kept secret. Questions started arisen that Why did NASA do this? What did they want to hide from us? What did Neil Armstrong say to scientists that they don’t want us to know?

After some days, some unofficial recordings came out and revealed the secrets of those 2 minutes of recording that were kept hidden for the general public. According to that recording, Neil Armstrong was looking a little bit afraid of something and his voice was not normal. In his words, “We are not alone here. I repeat, we are not alone here. A strange & unknown spacecraft is present on another side of the hill and some human-like bodies are standing outside of that mysterious spacecraft. They are watching directly to us and their body language says that they want to tell us to go back to the Earth. I repeat we are not alone here.” These are the words of Neil Armstrong. Actually, he had seen a UFO on the moon where some aliens were standing out there. Neil Armstrong realized that they were trying to say by their behavior, “to go back to your world. This is not your place.”

Actually NASA knew it already that some alien activity is running on the moon. The strong evidence of this that NASA  already knew about alien activities on the moon is those things, which were sent into the spacecraft with Neil Armstrong and left on the moon. According to NASA, the first thing was left on the moon is an “American flag” and the second thing was a “Plaque” on which something was written about this mission. But this is not the complete truth. There are two more things that Neil Armstrong had left on the Moon before getting back to the Earth. (1) Gold Olive branch and (2) Silicon Disk. 

Olive Branch is known as the symbol of peace here on Earth that is why they sent Golden Olive Branch on the moon. Further, they had left a silicon disk which was recorded with the messages of 73 great leaders of many countries. Now some questions arise that if NASA did not know about the alien activities on the moon, then why did they send the symbol of peace with spacecraft? From whom NASA is afraid of an with whom they wanted to make a friendly and peaceful relationship on the moon? Why NASA is still sending secret missions to the moon? What is on the moon? What are they trying to hide from us? What did NASA get/find on the moon? Sadly to say, that we will have to wait for answers to these questions.

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