Extraterrestrial Mysteries

Corona Virus, An Alien Attack

What if Corona Virus is an alien species that were created in the alien laboratory somewhere in the deep Universe? What if Corona Virus is an alien-attack Experiment on Earth? What if Corona Virus was sent to the Earth as testing of a biological weapon that was made by extraterrestrials? What if our home planet Earth has become a testing site for extraterrestrials & we are the dummies? Scientists have confirmed that such viruses use to come to the Earth through meteorite from the space then it might be possible that aliens use meteorites as a messenger of death.

If you have remember the Blood Rain Incident that had happened in several countries including China & India in the year of 2001, about which some scientists believed that the Red Bacterias which are responsible for the red rain incident, was deliberately sent to the Earth & spread in our environment as an experiment of a biological attack weapon. Red bacterias couldn’t infect anyone or we can say that this alien experiment became failed. But Corona Virus is not just infecting us but killing people also in a large number in many countries and our scientists could not get success in making anti-dose of it. What if Corona Virus is a biological weapon of aliens that have been detonated over us to see its destructing effect.

You have also remembered that a few years ago, scientists have found a virus that looks like an alien species. Scientists had launched its image also. They had clearly stated that this Species might be an alien race that was deliberately sent to the Earth from somewhere else in the Universe. What if our scientists are true? What if these are the experiments of extraterrestrials and their experiments are still ON? Are we just playing the role of experimental subjects or dummies for them? If this is true, then we are really in danger and we will have to be ready for such incidents in the future & I think aliens also want to see how we react & what steps we take to get out of these disasters!

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