Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Great Pyramid Giza, Ancient Egypt

Some years ago, we used to think that Pyramids are nothing but just a place where the dead bodies of ancient Egyptian Kings are kept and preserved in good condition. Ancient Egyptian people thought that if a body dies then the soul gets birth in another body in another world and they thought that it might be possible that someday in the future, the soul will return again in its old body. That is why they had preserved the bodies of their kings.

But this is not only the truth of Pyramids. Today, Scientists have known some mysterious facts about the Great Pyramid. First of all, the Great Pyramid is located in alignment with three stars which are situated in Orion Belt of Orion Constellation. And the second fact is that the Great Pyramid is situated at the exact coordinates:- 299792458 degree N and we all know that the light speed is also 299792458 meter per second. The question is, Was it just a coincidence? How did our ancestors calculate this exact co-ordinate? Why did they choose this place to build the Great Pyramid?

I have found in my research that it was not just a coincidence. Actually, it was designed by Ancient Egyptian Gods who had come from the Orion Constellation and this is the reason for its unbelievable alignment with the three stars situated in the middle of Orion Constellation. This Pyramid was built by our human ancestors with the guidance of their gods. They had also helped them with their technologies to bring large shape stones. Nobody can say for sure about the right age of the Great Pyramid but it is clearly seen that it was much older than we think today.

In my opinion, Pyramids were made in the memory of ancient Egyptian Gods who were about to go back to their world. Actually, we are watching a copy of the same shape & size of the Ancient Egyptian God’s Spaceship. Before going back, they have made this strange structure because when they will return in the future, they will be able to find their place easily. The most amazing fact is that the NASA scientists have seen the Sphinx-like shape on the planet Mars.   *** For the Ancient Martian Life Evidence, visit this website link:-