Extraterrestrial Mysteries

Mysterious Radio Signals Coming From The Center Of The Earth 

You will be shocked to know that a highly advanced alien civilization is living under beneath the earth. That mysteries place is clearly described in the Indian Holy Books like “Vedas & Puranas”. According to these holy books, ” There are two cities that are present under beneath the earth known as “Shambhala & Agartha”. Shambhala is the Sanskrit word which means “Place of Peace”. Our gods are still living there and continuously keep their eyes over the human civilizations.

After every two or three thousand years, they use to come out and spent their time between us as “Incarnations” and help us directly or indirectly. These cities are highly advanced that we can not imagine. Large trains use to run and huge spaceships use to travel from the north pole to south pole at a fast speed inside the earth. It is clearly said in these holy books that only the pure heart people can live in this spiritual city, Shambhala & enjoying the perfect ease and happiness and never suffers & never dies of old age. Love, wisdom, reign, and injustice are unknown there. The inhabitants are long-lived, having beautiful and perfect bodies and possess supernatural powers. Their spiritual knowledge is deep & their technologies are highly advanced. Their laws mild and their study of the arts and sciences is totally different. There are some ways which go to these cities and one of them is anywhere in the Valley of Himalaya near the “Kailash Mountain Range“, which is known as the “Home of Lord Shiva“. When Sin reaches its peak, Lord Shiva comes to destroy the sin from the world “.

Today NASA is receiving some strange radio signals in their space missions. We know that every planets & star emit radio signals but the signals that NASA Scientists are catching, are not normal.  These radio signals look like hidden messages because they are in binary languages like “0” & “1”. Scientists know that these radio signals are coming from hundreds of miles beneath the earth. NASA scientists believe that they are trying to communicate with us but I don’t think so.

Actually, they are sending radio signals into space for their own Spaceships which are flying near to the earth & known as “UFO” who is coming & going out from these underground mysterious cities. Those radio signals are for them not for us. These radio signals are in numbers, like “0 & 1”. NASA may catch these signals but can not decode them. These radio signals are a little bit different than our radio signals.      *** For the ancient mysterious places that were found here on earth, visit this website link:-