Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Nemesis, Our Sun’s Twin

You will be shocked to know that our Sun is a twin star system. NASA told us that we are living in a solar system in which eight major planets, Some Dwarf Planets, Asteroid Belt, Comets & the Sun are present. In our solar system, each and every heavenly body are circling around the Sun. But if we study the ancient holy books of our ancient civilizations, we find out that this information is already present there and our scientists have just proved them on the basis of the Scientific method.

In the ancient scriptures of Sumerian Civilization, we read a mysterious & unbelievable story in which it is clearly written that there is another planet present in our Solar System which was known as “Nibiru”. According to those stories, the planet Nibiru looks like a flying planet with having wings in the universe, from where the ancient god of Sumeria whose name was “Annunaki”, came to the earth. It looks like our ancestors had seen the Planet X or Nibiru very closely. Anunnaki called their Sun as “ZAOS”. Anunnaki came to our home planet earth and gave birth to humans who used to work for him in the Gold Mines on Earth. Anunnaki ordered them to dig and bring gold to him. He lived on earth for several years and when he was going back to his planet, he left their human workers with civilization and promised them that one day he will be back again.

NASA Scientists have also realized that there is another Sun which is a Dwarf Red Star and which was about to die, lurking beyond the Oort Cloud. Oort Cloud is the boundary of our Solar System where asteroids and comets are circling the Sun. They could be able to predict this fact because of a Dwarf Planet Sedna. Sedna is a dwarf planet that is lurking in our solar system beyond the Dwarf Planet “Pluto”. Scientists have noticed that Sedna is not circling the sun as well as other objects of our solar system. Sedna is circling the sun in a large egg shape and its rotation period is getting longer and longer every year. It looks like some kind of very heavy body affecting its rotational path. Scientists named that object as a Dwarf Red Star which is 10 to 20 times the size of Planet Jupiter. They have also said that Star Nemesis is at 1 Light year away from us and it has seven planets around it is quite possible that one of them is “Nibiru”.

In my research, I have reached this conclusion, Why NASA claimed for a Dwarf Sun beyond the Oort Cloud which has seven numbers of planets. I think NASA has seen that dwarf sun and does not want to disclose directly to us with facts. They really know something and trying to hide from us. This proves that our ancestors were not foolish and not making stories for their entertainment but they were really in contact with an advanced ancient civilization.    *** For the ancient mysterious places on earth, visit this link:-