Extraterrestrial Mysteries

Planet Earth, Chosen By Aliens

Aliens from different Star Systems use to travel in the universe for finding Earth-like planets. Planets provide them Gold & many other useful metals for building their space ships for their endless journey into the Universe. They are Travellers. This is the reason that Life became possible here on Earth. Planet Earth had been chosen by our Ancient Gods/Aliens who had terraformed this planet to make it habitable. Actually, planet Earth is in the Goldilocks Zone to our Sun which provides life-supporting conditions.

Our Ancient Gods/Aliens had become to know there are many precious metals present inside the planet Earth that could be used in the formation of their Space Crafts for their endless journey into the Universe. They need labours for mining Gold and other precious metals, so they gave birth to many different living species including Monkeys, on Earth. Finally, they had modified the D.N.A. of different species of monkeys & apes. Brown monkey’s D.N.A. was converted into Asian People that is why Asian’s skin is a little bit tan. White Ape’s D.N.A. was converted into English & Americans & Black monkey’s D.N.A. were converted into African people that’s why they are black. That’s the reason that our 99% of D.N.A. match with Monkey’s but 1% does not and this 1% of D. N. A. is still unknown. Scientists knew that our intelligence power grew, just because of this 1% of mysterious D.N.A. Believe it or not, but their experiments are still On here on earth.