Extraterrestrial Mysteries

Shivlinga Or Black Hole

People in India, worship many Gods & Goddess of their ancient civilization. But one God is being worshiped in all over the country, whose name is “Lord Shiva”. In the most places of India, Lord Shiva is being worshiped in his symbol which is known as “Shivlinga”.You can find Shivlinga in its regularly Deep Black Color in the many temples of India. Lord Shiva is known as the God of Destruction. He destroys Sin and Sinful living bodies (giants) who create instabilities in a peaceful society. People worship Lord Shiva because they believe that Shiva would destroy bad energies around them and bless for a happy life. Not only in India but Lord Shiva was being worshiped in the many ancient civilizations too. You can see his symbol “Shivlinga” in Peru, Bali, America, India & China, etc. 

When I saw the Shivlinga in the first time of my life, many things started running in my mind and today I have found that why Lord Shiva is being worshiped in his symbolic form, “Shivlinga”. I have found in my studies that Shivlinga is very similar to the “Black Hole”. As you can see in this photo, they are actually in the same figure & formation. Black Holes are known as the most devastating bodies of the universe. They destroy everything around them. But the Black Holes are the only reason for the existence of Galaxies. All-Stars, Planets & moons are revolving around their Black Hole and form a galaxy that looks like they are worshiping their Black Hole.

According to the ancient Indian Holy Books, Lord Shiva is the most powerful god of this universe. He is the creator and one day he will destroy everything and create a new world again. This creation and destruction happen regularly. Lord Shiva is the god of time. He can see in Past, Present & Future. All these three times are vested in Lord Shiva. Today scientists have found that Black Hole behaves like a Time Machine. Black Holes Can slow the time, Stop the time and it can take us into another Time Zone too. The symbol of Lord Shiva is “Shivlinga” which represents the Black Holes of the Universe which are the most powerful bodies than others.

The only difference between The Shivlinga and The Black Hole is the name. In the ancient period people used to call them Shivlinga and today Scientists call them Black Holes Or Death Star. According to Indian Ancient Scriptures, Lord Shiva is the God of Death. Actually, scientists have found some links between them and that are why they have kept an ancient statue of Lord Shiva (which was brought from India) in their research center which is known as The Large Hadron Collider that is situated in Geneva and that’s not just a coincident.      *** For the ancient mysterious places on earth, visit this link:-