Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Firmament

If you have read the Christian holy book Bible, you know that God said, “There must be a Firmament”. This does not mean that there is a glass dome in the above sky. It means when the first humans “Adam & Eve” were brought to the earth, their body could not tolerate much heat of sunlight because their bodies were not made to tolerate the “UV Rays” of the Sun. This is proof that we were not created here on Earth. The truth is that we are actually from the Planet “Mars”. Our Gods brought us to the Earth before that terrible calamity on Mars. You will be shocked to know that we are actually “Martians” not “Earthlings”.

Have you ever thought that, when our astronauts go to space, why do their body clock becomes 24.9 hours which is the time of one day of Planet Mars? Have you ever thought that why only we humans suffer from back pain? Planet Mars is much far from the sun than the earth, So the Sun’s UV Rays could not affect badly the Planet Mars Environment when there was an atmosphere in the past. But here on earth, UV Rays has much more efficient and it burns our skin. Our atmosphere was not capable to stop the sun’s UV Rays because Earth is much closer to the sun than Mars. That is why God made an “Ozone Layer” above the atmosphere around the earth which protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun and that the Ozone Layer was called “The Firmament” in ancient times. Today, we have created much air pollution and that is why the Ozone Layer is getting destroyed slowly and in those areas where the Ozone layer became thin, people feel too much sun’s heat and their skin get burn.

The gravity of Planet Mars is lower than our earth and when we were brought on earth, our body fights against much gravity force to stand up on the feet. This is the reason for having back pain because our body was made to live on planet Mars, not on Earth.

The truth is that we are destroying “The Firmament”. Today we claim that we are much advanced and we have reached the planet Pluto & beyond it and we also said that we are much more intelligent today but we do not understand the simple thing that the earth is not our home but it is just a house. Earth was made for us to live by our Gods, not by us. Planet Earth was given to us to live and we should take care of it and if we will not understand this in the near future, I am scared that we will have to pay for this. We are not only killing the planet earth (the vast creation of our God) but disrespecting our Gods too. God was right, “There must be a firmament”.    *** For the ancient mysterious places on earth, visit this link:-