Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Hollow Earth

NASA has found a large hole over the north pole of our home planet earth which is so deep and dark. You will be very surprised to know that Our earth is hollow from inside. NASA International Space Station has taken an image of the North Pole & South Pole of our home planet earth and one of them was mysteriously leaked. In that photo, you can see there is a large hole over the North pole & clouds are getting into this hole deeper. NASA is trying to cover up this news.

Have you ever thought we are creating so much air pollution every day but the oxygen level on earth does not decrease? The oxygen level on our earth is 20.8% for millions of years consistently. Scientists are also surprised and speechless. This is happening, because of Our ancient God’s technology. Actually, they are controlling the level of Oxygen Gas in the earth’s atmosphere.

The Large Hole Over the north pole was confirmed in 1947 when Vice-Admiral of the US Navy Richard Bird went to the North Pole for research. NASA did not disclose, why he sent his US Navy to the North Pole. It looks like NASA already knows about some mysterious happening over the Pole. Suddenly Richard noticed an unusual spot colored in a mixture of yellow, orange and violet. He decided to go to close. When he reached the spot, he could see something like a mountain chain. The hole was so big that that is why he decided to fly over it. While flying over the Large Hole, he saw a mirage, forests, rivers, meadows with animals resembling Mammoths. He could also see weird flying machines and a city with buildings built from rock crystal.

In my research, I have reached to this conclusion that Our earth is hollow from inside and those stories in Indian Holy Scriptures are true in which it is said that our God and Some Demon Civilizations are living inside the earth. Our God used to live in the city “Shambhala” of the Agartha Continent and Demons continents described as “Narka”. Our Gods used to live there but before 5000 years they left earth and went to their own planet but their Children are still living there and waiting for them. Our God had promised in the Bible, Purana & Quran that they will be back in the future and they are coming back time is very close.    *** For the Ancient Martian Life Evidence, visit this website link:-