Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Hollow Moon

You will be stunned to know that our Moon is hollow from inside. Today, scientists started to believe that the moon is not natural but an alien made spaceship that was brought from somewhere and tightly fixed into the earth’s orbit. There are many facts that forced our scientists to think again about our sole satellite, The moon.

If you read the Bible, you will see that it has been discussed in ancient times when the moon did not exist. It has been clearly written in the Hebrew Bible that the moon was brought from somewhere else and purposely fixed into the orbit of the earth. After this incident, this caused a huge flood and the weather on Earth suddenly began to change, Tides started to come on the beaches and our day-night began to be quite long.

According to scientists, every hole visible on the moon which is composed of the collisions of the meteorites, the depth of all the pits is not more than 3 kilometers. How is this possible? Are all the meteorites that fell on the moon were all of the same sizes? This is not possible. Archaeologists say that there is something like 3 kilometers below the moon’s surface which prevents something from going deeper into it.

In the mission of the moon, it was discovered that on the moon, the pits of those meteorites found small pieces of three special types of metal which were Chromium Titanium and Zirconium. These pieces were scattered around each hole of the moon so that it could be ascertained that under 3 kilometers of the moon’s surface, there is a huge spherical metal shield from these three metal which protects the moon from any type of celestial attacks. Scientists have even said that if we also made such a vehicle, then we would be using these metals too. So, Is this possible that an ancient alien civilization had already known it and some of them are still living in the cities inside the moon and keeping an eye on the earth?

Scientists have discovered that the moon seems to be older than our solar system. The moon is 2160 kilometers wide on its equator, neither 215 9 kilometers and not 2161 kilometers. If there was a slight difference then we would never see the full moon eclipse. Today, we know that the Sun is about 400 times more distant than the Moon and the Sun is almost 400 times more than the size of Earth. This is also a reason that we see a complete solar eclipse. Do you think that the testament of the Genesis Bible proves that the Moon was toed from somewhere else and the moon is not natural but an alien made satellite?    *** For the ancient mysterious places on earth, visit this link:-