Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Hollow Sun

Nasa Hubble telescope has seen many UFOs that are moving very close to the sun. Nobody knows how but this is happening daily. Actually, those alien ships are highly advanced in technology & they are harvesting the pure energy from the Sun. We think that our sun is so hot that we can not stand near the sun and it is the truth because we are living on earth and nothing is present on this planet which can stand right before the sun because the sun is too hot. Its central temperature is about 1 Million degrees Celsius and it is enough to burn anything in our solar system.

We all know that there are many big giant super fireballs (Stars) that are present in this universe which is much hotter than our sun and we can not imagine how hot they are. Some ancient civilizations are living in those star systems which are totally different than our solar system. There are several different kinds of metals present in those star systems which can bear much more temperature than our sun. Those metals are still unknown to us and alien’s ships are made of that & that is why they can stand right before our sun and may be able to enter in it too. In one word I can say that our sun is hollow from inside.

Those alien spacecraft are not just harvesting the energy from the sun but they can also come in and out of the sun and it is also possible that they are using this pure energy to travel into the deep universe to reach distant stars. Sun’s surface temperature is lower than of its core, that is why they are harvesting energy from the Sun’s surface and storing it in their “Starships Reservoir” for a long time so they could travel into the vast universe. NASA scientists have seen some UFOs coming out from the SUN but they are still silent over it. Our Sun is nothing but a free energy source for those alien civilizations. There are many types of alien civilizations living inside the sun. In Indian ancient stories, there is a God whose name is “Surydev” who lives in the sun and they used to come on earth in our past.    *** For the Ancient Martian Life Evidence, visit this website link:-