Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Parallel Universe

Scientists are claiming that their research of another dimension is at the peak and they are about to open the door of a Parallel Universe. Some people think that Parallel Universes are the mirror of this universe where we are living now. But this is not the truth. Parallel does not mean the mirror image, Parallel means right next before to us in a straight line and that will be totally different also.

Other dimensions or other universes are the theories based on String theory. If other dimensions or other universes are in presence, then nobody can say for sure that what kind of world they are and what kinds of creatures are living out there. We do not know anything about that mysterious world. Scientists do not know exactly what they are doing now! They may open the door of Heaven or Hell as well.

Today, We know that we are not alone in this vast & deep universe. There are many intelligent species are in existence here. Some of them are much advanced and dangerous because there is no reason that they will make friends with a species like Human that is not just weaker but backward too in the comparison of them, in the comparison of their technologies and if our scientists will succeed to open the door of the next world, then nobody can say for sure that who will reach us from there, whether they will be our friend or enemy too. This would be the biggest mistake of mankind because we know that if Science opens new ways then some ways may take us to Hell.    *** For the Ancient Martian Life Evidence, visit this website link:-