Extraterrestrial Mysteries

The Skull Asteroid/Comet 

In 2015, NASA Scientists have found a mysterious object in the deep space which is seriously disturbing them. That mysterious object is nothing but an Asteroid Or Comet. The size of this asteroid is about 700 meters in width. This asteroid is lurking at the end of our Solar System and might come out from the Kuiper Belt which is the boundary of our Solar System. Scientists have named this Asteroid as “Asteroid 2015, TB 145”. 

This asteroid is disturbing our scientific world because of its shape not because of its size. If you will see the image of this asteroid, you will find that this asteroid is looking like a Huge Human Skull and that is why this asteroid is famous and known as Skull Asteroid in general public. This is the most dramatic object which has been found in our Solar system. No one could believe in its shape. It might be a natural phenomenon but the question is if it is not a natural phenomenon then what is the reason for its mysterious shape?

Can it be possible that this asteroid has been shaped by any kind of intelligent Alien Species? If it is, then what is the reason behind it? One general conception is, that this Skull Asteroid might be any kind of Recognition Symbol for them (aliens). Nobody is sure about this but it is the truth that a Giant Skull Asteroid is lurking in our Solar System and revolving our sun and it’s path goes to very close to our home planet Earth and Scientists have said that this is not coming near to Earth, till 2080.      *** For the Ancient Mysterious Places, visit this website link:-