Extraterrestrial Mysteries

UFO Crashed In Roswell, New Mexico On 2nd July 1947

Civilians of the city said about a strange bright light that was moving in the night sky and fell down to the desert. At first, people thought it was a plane crash. In the morning when the locals arrived at the crash point, they saw that the army cordoned off the area and taking all the debris of that crashed plane. When people asked about this crash, the Army soldiers said that they have found the debris of a strange unidentified flying vehicle, which does not look like planes of our world & the dead bodies also does not look like humans also.Army clearly stated that they have captured a crashed UFO. The army was stopping people from going near to the crash point and even threatened people also. Army officers picked up the debris of the unknown vehicle and carried them the army base camp. The next day, the media arrived at the army base camp and asked about that incident, the army retracted his own statement. They said, “the debris that we captured in Roswell was not of UFO but of a weather balloon and mistakenly understood as a UFO.” People could not understand why the army changed this own statement that they had given on the crash point.

Actually, the truth was completely opposite to what they said. Indeed, when the crash happened, a priest of a nearby church had arrived first on the crash point and began to pray for them who died in this plane crash. Then he decided to get close to the debris of the plane because he thought that some people might be still alive. After reaching near to the debris, he saw that the crashed ship was scattered everywhere and some dead bodies were lying in the debris that were brutally injured.

According to the priest, the dead bodies looked like humans in the first appearance. Their bodies were small in size having a large head compared to their body size. They were creatures of short stature who were so lean and a little bit looked like humans, but they were not humans. According to him, the ship’s debris was not looking like an airplane also. That was almost circular in shape and small in size like a spherical incrediocoaster of Disney land. Nobody knows till now, that what exactly did the Army found from the crash site? Why did they backtrack from their own statements? What did the army want to hide from the world?    *** For the Ancient Martian Life Evidence, visit this website link:-