Extraterrestrial Mysteries

UFO Sightings, Over The Airport Of Florida, USA

Many people have claimed to see mysterious lights near the airports in the USA and our governments always denied it. Nobody knows the exact reason for the denial but one thing is very clear that our government is hiding something from us. In this blog, you are going to know about a UFO Sighting that was recorded by a worker of air traffic control in Florida, USA. This is not the first time when pilots or Air Traffic Controllers have claimed to see UFOs. Such incidents do not come out because of threatening (threatening of losing their jobs & in some cases losing their life also).

In March 2019, everything was going normal at this airport of Florida, USA. Suddenly at night, a white blinding ball of hot light came from somewhere and crossing the airport at a fast speed. One Senior Staff who was on duty on that night has seen this phenomenon on the computer through CCTV Camera and started capturing this incident in the mobile phone. As you can also see in this video that a mysterious hot glowing ball of light is moving with a great speed. It is very clear in this video that this mysterious light was not coming from a meteor, drone, satellite or plane.

According to the air traffic controller, that mysterious & unknown object was moving without making any sound and it was not much higher than 50 – 100 ft from the ground. The shocking fact was ” this mysterious object couldn’t be found on radar. In a private interview, She said briefly about this Incident to our team. Further she said that after the two days of this incident, two mysterious people came home and started queries about this incident. They did not show their IDs but said that they work in the custom & border protection department. Nobody knows who are they. They might be “Men I Black” who work for C.I.A. This really makes fear.

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